Indonesia , with a Risk Index of “Very High” according to the 2012 World Risk Report published by the United Nations University – Institute for Environment and Human Security. (UNU-EHS), is particularly prone to volcanic action and earthquake as well as flooding

 Nepal 2013


It was during the tsunami in 2004 that first First Response Radio partners saw the need for rapid response teams to respond to natural disaster, and to provide critical information in times of crisis.

Because of its situation on the “Ring of Fire” Indonesia is a prime candidate for this type of relief and it is in Indonesia that Rapid Response Radio has been most active and effective. Following four separate training events, (2 in 2009, one in 2010 and one in 2013) there are now four trained teams in Indonesia, with four “studio in a suitcase” kits available to them. There has also been a “Training of Trainers” event in 2012 so that some of the original FRI team will be able to conduct their own training events, in country, in the future. IMG_0679

First Response Indonesia now has a high capacity to responds to disasters anywhere in Indonesia within 72 hours., just as they did in 2004 after the Tsunami, and again in 2009 during the Padang earthquake and in 2010 when Mt Merapi erupted.


First Response Radio Indonesia have a webpage in Bahasa (Indonesian) .


Relief Web can tell you more about the current disaster situation in Indonesia

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