First Response Radio (FRR) is a network of radio broadcasters, NGOs and Government partners. Our members have been working in disaster areas since the Tsunami of 2004, providing critical information via radio, as aid . Our goal is to set up a radio station for the affected community within 72 hours of a disaster. The best way we have discovered to build this capacity is to equip and train teams before disaster strikes.

FRR Nepal team have now left Nepal, having helped the radio station in Dhunche get back on the air and trained local staff to develop programming to aid in the disaster recovery process.



To find out more watch our video 72 Hours in 72 Seconds




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FRR team from South Asia Deploys to Nepal

Comm is aid SquareAfter reviewing assessments from from UN OCHA and CDAC members FRR is sending 3-4 members to help provide Communications with Communities (CwC). INTL Coordinator for FRR, Mike Adams will arrive in Nepal on Saturday. Two members of FRR India will join him with their suitcase radio kit on the same day. FRR Pakistan coordinator, Hazeen Latif joins the team as well. This team has responded to 10 disasters between them and brings a decade of experience in CwC work. They will be supporting a number of radio partners already working in Nepal.

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